Dueling Pianos

Dueling Pianos / Solo / Composer

​​​Billy Ryan 

"The show was hilarious and the performers were amazing. It was definitely a good time."— Leeana, N

"Seriously so much fun! I had never been to this show before and was surprised for my birthday this past weekend. It was non-stop laughs and such a great time."  — Angel, G

"Fun and entertaining! This was perfect for a much-needed date night! It was fun & very entertaining. They did a great job at involving the crowd, my boyfriend was nervous he would be called on next (funniest thing to watch)."— Vero, M

Fun, Song, Comedy - never the same show.

It is everything you never expect.

Clubs, Theaters , Conferences, Special Events, Parties, Weddings, Fund Raisers and more!​

​Billy Ryan succeeds at doing a 1 man Dueling Piano show or he can provide a 2 man show

Dueling Pianos is a live clap along, sing along, laugh along interactive show which is one of the most popular forms of entertainment nationwide. 
Take 2 piano players who are concert level pianist’s, sing 1200 songs by heart (very well) and have the comedic timing of a professional stand up comedian. Combine all those ingredients and apply them in a split second – there’s your show! 

Powerfully entertaining!